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dreameditor.js Features:

Minimalistic Design
Line Numbers
Auto Indent Options
Drag, Drop & Move text inside editor
Drag files directly into editor
Supports multiple file types
Supports Browser Zoom Controls
Secure SSL when using web app
Save to & load from local storage
Full mobile & desktop support
Written in JavaScript
Syntax Highlighting

Multiple syntax modes
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php, pearl, rust
Python, C, Shell, PowerShell
vbnet, vbscript
swift & go

System Requirements:

Chrome version 110 or later recommended. Other web browsers may still work.
JavaScript must be enabled for dreameditor.js to properly function.

Install From Chrome Web Store

Check out dreameditor.js for Android on Google Play Store.
Visit Update Log to download lastest open source build.

Try dreameditor.js (beta) to test upcoming and experimental features.

About dreameditor.js:

This project purpose is to provide a easy accessible platform to edit documents in a web browser.
Written in JavaScript & uses CodeMirror for syntax highlighting.

dreameditorjs.zip is a open source project distributed under a MIT license.